Men’s B.S.

Strong, faithful, godly, honest, fun-loving, intelligent, generous—these are a few adjectives that describe the best characteristics in men. Men’s B.S. (Bible Study) ministry exists to see the God-given best come out of men at all times, everywhere. We want to follow Jesus with our whole hearts, minds and bodies no matter what our past was, our age or profession. We want learn the tools to live and serve as fathers, husbands and sons.  Our aim is to walk out the words and works of Jesus in everyday life.

How does this happen and what does this look like? It begins by fostering an authentic relationship with Jesus. We offer men’s bi-weekly small groups for this very purpose. Through them, men are equipped to lead like Jesus did, and become authentic men of God. Despite the independence of our culture, God calls us into relationship with himself and others. Therefore, another key ingredient in following Jesus–and in men’s ministry–is building relationship with other men. Throughout the year we have events for men where we gather to have fun and get to know one another so that we may, in turn, encourage and hold one another accountable as we seek to follow Jesus.

Come join Us at

21 South 12th Street
Akron PA, 17501
in back of the MCC Building
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Meeting weekly at 11:00 a.m.
Starting January 6, 2013

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You can reach us at the church office (717) 682-3770 or email

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We are a casual dress, come-as-you-are kind of church. Our motto is Coffee, Community, and Christ.